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VeoNatural has an incredible team of professionals who care about the vision, and are bringing all of their experience to the table to make Veo the best company in this industry.



Burke Green Is a Network Marketing industry veteran of over 25 years. He has been involved in two different companies reaching the highest pin level in each company. In his most recent effort, he was one of the founding distributors of two of the most successful companies in the Network Marketing industry. In the last 24 years with those companies, Burke has built organizations of over 1 million distributors. In doing so, his organization has created over 3.1 Billion Dollars in sales and more than 300 Million Dollars in commissions for the organization. Burke is one of the most sought after trainers in the Network Marketing industry. In the past five years he has created one of the most successful "How To" training systems for teaching distributors how to build large successful organizations. He has traveled all over North America, and Australia and Asia training individuals to be successful in Network Marketing. Burke is looking forward to putting his expertise into the launch of the next Network Marketing Giant VEO Natural.

Dr. Allan Millet

Founder & VP Science and Product Development

While bottling and packaging for a small nutritional company in the 1970’s, Dr. Millet was involved with the health and nutrition industry at an early age. In 1980 his father, Chuck Millet, started Professional Botanicals, Inc. When looking to the future, Dr. Millet felt that a degree in Chiropractic Medicine seemed to be the best fit for a career in health and nutrition. It’s only after graduation that Dr. Millet believes his education truly began when he started studying Kinesiology and the relationship between the body’s energy and health. Nutrition, and its impact on overall well-being, became a vital part of his practice. Dr. Millet has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician since 1986.

Being a much sought after lecturer and presenter, his travels have taken him all over the globe. Recently, his engagements have included speaking to the University Medical Staff in Istanbul, Turkey and being broadcast worldwide as a presenter for the World Symposium of Integrated Medicine.

Paul Garner

Founder & VP Operations and Finance

Paul Garner is the father of a growing family in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Paul grew up in rural Canada and began his entrepreneurial pursuits at a young age. Hard work was a guiding principle instilled in him by great parents. Paul values a balance of mind, body and spirit and enjoys any athletic activity. Paul has always sought to help others realize their goals and achieve financial independence in order to enable them to pursue what matters most. Having received a bachelors degree in accounting and completed a masters degree in business administration,Paul is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in a variety of businesses including arts and entertainment, film, marketing and social media, and sales. Paul brings a vision for fiscal sustainability to Veo with focus on creating a legacy company that has significant impact for both domestic and international team members. Veo embodies the values of health, wellness, and financial incentive that have driven Paul in his life.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Allan Millet, DC (Chair)

Dr. Jared Shippee, DPM

Dr. Eric Satterthwaite, DC

Dr. Ryan Millet, DDS

Original Formulators

Chuck Millet

Bruce Halstead

Norm Farnsworth

Neva Jensen

Richard Sharfenburg

John McDonald

Ricky Marin

Jeff Woodward