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Clubco Direct has aquired VeoNatural in a asset purchase and now we are in the process of building an incredible team of professionals who care about the vision, and are bringing all of their experience to the table to make Clubco Direct and the keep the Veo Natural brands using top quality ingredients.

Our Mission

To provide members incredible value and the opportunity to influence their lives and the world for good. We will strive to offer the best name brand products and services, at the most competitive prices - with the service and convenience for you to save money and time.

Daniel Graham

Founder: CEO and President

Daniel Graham has launched multiple successful businesses within his corporation. The largest is a nutritional and health distribution company that grosses $8.4 million dollars a year over the last 14 years. He has over 20 years experience in the health and nutrition industry. Through strategic planning has been able to create a systematic approach that creates large distribution channels and helping people achieve financial sucess.

A serial entrepreneur, Daniel has a unique ability to multi-tasking, leading to key people, and communicates to complete projects which drive to sucess. He has been a vital player and consultant in developing and building large organizations in the Direct Sales and/or network marketing industry, sales, marketing, support materials, training, managing, acquisitions, international expansion, website development and can see the bigger picture while looking for win/win situations. Daniel is looking forward to putting his expertise into the launch of Clubco Direct.

Dr. Allan Millet

Science and Product Development

While bottling and packaging for a small nutritional company in the 1970’s, Dr. Millet was involved with the health and nutrition industry at an early age. In 1980 his father, Chuck Millet, started Professional Botanicals, Inc. When looking to the future, Dr. Millet felt that a degree in Chiropractic Medicine seemed to be the best fit for a career in health and nutrition. It’s only after graduation that Dr. Millet believes his education truly began when he started studying Kinesiology and the relationship between the body’s energy and health. Nutrition, and its impact on overall well-being, became a vital part of his practice. Dr. Millet has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician since 1986.

Being a much sought after lecturer and presenter, his travels have taken him all over the globe. Recently, his engagements have included speaking to the University Medical Staff in Istanbul, Turkey and being broadcast worldwide as a presenter for the World Symposium of Integrated Medicine.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Allan Millet, DC (Chair)

Dr. Jared Shippee, DPM

Dr. Eric Satterthwaite, DC

Dr. Ryan Millet, DDS

Original Formulators

Chuck Millet

Bruce Halstead

Norm Farnsworth

Neva Jensen

Richard Sharfenburg

John McDonald

Ricky Marin

Jeff Woodward